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khaymanvittorio's Journal

fans of Khayman and Vittorio
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This is a community for those fans of Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" who like two of her nicest, most mysterious, and, it seems, most underrated characters - Khayman of the First Brood, and Vittorio the visionary. You are welcome to post to discuss these characters, as well as others from the Chronicles, or to post fan art and fan fiction about them (in the latter case, please make your posts friends-locked).

It would be best if off-topic discussions could be kept to a minimum, though if the conversation naturally shifts from our favorite characters to more general topics such as religion or philosophy, it is fine. Also, it would be preferable if nobody ranted about how great Akasha was and how cool was what she did. Given what she did to Khayman and to the Twins, whom he loved a great deal, this would be rather inappropriate. Lestat and Louis discussions are welcome, but turning this board solely into a Lestat versus/and Louis one would also be frowned upon.

No flaming, personal insults, or discrimination on whatever grouns will be tolerated. Trasngressors will be warned twice; the third time, they will have to be banned from the group. This place was meant for open discussion and sharing of ideas, not for hostility.