merytankh (merytankh) wrote in khaymanvittorio,


The other day, I began writing a story about an autistic woman, and it set me thinking about this character. Gabrielle does seem slightly autistic, or at least strange and lacking social skills, and there's something that makes me think there's much more to her than she shows on the surface. I know a lot of people seem to dislike her. I was talking to a friend some days ago, and she said Gabrielle is quite allright where socialization is concerned, but she's an irresponsible and indifferent parent, who stayed glued to her books simply because it was the easiest way of living (in the sense that while she was absorbed in her reading, she didn't have to feel Lestat's pain or do anything about his fate, so she chose this over making an effort and actually trying to change the way things are). I wonder what you all think of her.
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